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Design it in Wood

Everyone remembers woodshop! Students use a variety of tools. Participants feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as they craft their project and watch it develop into something recognizable. During the process, they are both learning and having fun. We teach basic woodshop skills with a focus on safety. The knowledge gained in this course will be useful to them throughout their lives.

Students Learn

  • Safety Techniques
  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Spatial Perception
  • Concentration
  • Small motor skills
  • to Follow Directions
  • to Think for Themselves

Why Woodshop?

In my many years of wood working I have found that kids of all ages love to build. There is a pride and sense of accomplishment when making something with your own hands and watching it progress as it is meticulously crafted. Kids are no different. Building something for themselves or as a gift for another is something they will gladly take time from TV to do.

Fall 2017 Project

Jet Plane



You be the pilot when you build this stealthy custom flyer.

Plenty of cutting, sanding and gluing to make your plane aerodynamic.

Soar with us when you add your own landing gear, after burners, thrusters or anything else you can think of! No boarding pass needed to store your belongings in the secret compartment in the fuselage.

"Turn your eyes to the sky.." and sign up for woodshop!

Spring 2017 Project

Lemonade Stand

The long hot days of summer will soon be upon us. Be prepared to stay cool with your own Lemonade Stand!

Not the average Lemonade Stand, this is also a bank! While selling cool lemonade to passers' by, store your money safely in this bank and nobody will be any the wiser. Enthusiastic woodworkers, will be kept busy building this project. They can personalize it in a variety of ways, limited by only their imaginations. Once done collecting money from lemonade sales, use the secret storage place for not only money, but other favorite things too!