About Us

DiiW founders Larry and Debbie Lichter started offering woodshop to kids in 2005

About Larry and DiiW

Larry has always been passionate about children and wood working. Before working with wood for a living, when he wasn't being a loving and doting father to his three children, he would be tinkering with something in his workshop. Making furniture for friends and family was a passion that was engrossing, engaging and uplifting. Long after his children had grown, other children would come with their parents to his workshop. Larry saw the children were as captivated by "building" and making "things" as his children had been, and as he still was.

There was no such activity for children anymore. Schools had removed industrial arts (wood shop, metal shop, auto shop etc) from the cirriculum and this left a void. Filled by instant gratification activities such as TV and video games and spending endless hours in front of a screen of whatever size. Elimination of these programs also disadvantaged the new generation by not giving them the opportunity to work on mechanical objects and figure-things-out. In fact, many engineering school professors would complain at students inability to work with their hands!

In his small little corner of the world, Thousand Oaks, California, Larry decided to help in which ever way he could to give the youth and opportunity to become engrossed in creating something from wood, in working with their hands and taking time and effort to achieve something of which they could be proud. Hence was born the mobile woodworking program for children.

For the last eleven years Larry has been providing this opportunity to thousands of children within the greater Conejo Valley as an afterschool enrichment program. The children, parents, and schools, love Larry and his program and he thrives on their experiences - they are his passion. Larry believes that all children (from ages 6 or 7 up) should have the opportunity to sink their teeth into this wonderful activity.