Why Woodshop?

Without a doubt woodshop is a valuable program.

This is not an instant gratification course. So much of modern life is just that, such as instant entertainment on the TV and computer, instant food with the microwave and fast food outlets.

In reality - one needs to learn that both time and effort are needed to achieve something worthwhile and woodshop is a good start.

We have found that with the effort required, the time it takes and the attention to quality, the children learn more and achieve far greater satisfaction.

We go over safety, use of some tools, measurement and safety again. Discipline is maintained. The children learn to follow directions and are guided to think for themselves. It helps improve concentration.

There is a pride and sense of accomplishment when making something with your own hands and watching it progress, as it is meticulously crafted. Kids are no different. Building something for themselves or as a gift for another is something they will gladly take time to do.

Apart from all the learning during woodshop such as, helping with development of small motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, design skills and math, woodshop is a whole lot of fun. Exercising both mind and body, participants will learn by doing and take away important skills that become life long tools.

This program is of high educational and recreational value. Many parents and principals are appreciative of having this as an option and have thanked us for the effort we have made in bringing this to the community.